Frequently Asked Questions – How can we help you?

Firstly, thank you for visiting this website. We are here to help and try our best to answer your queries as early as possible. On this page, you will find the best answers which people asked us regularly. However, If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us.

Our mission and Objectives

Is it Brisbane based organization?

Gujarati Community of Queensland (GCQ) Inc is a registered Not-For-Profit Organisation in Queensland, Australia. It organises community activities across Queensland. GCQ is also a member of the Federation of Indian Communities in Queensland.

What are organisation activities/events?

Being a Community organisation, GCQ activities and events are in the broader interest of the Multicultural community.
Cultural Events e.g. Diwali (A Festival of light), Holi (A Festival of colour), Kite Flying etc.
Educational activities e.g. Gujarati Language classes.
Gujarati Books Reading. e.g Gujarati Library.
Health and Wellbeing activities e.g. Yoga.
Senior Citizen support activities e.g. Park Meetings, Get together, Morning walks etc.
Sports activities e.g. Badminton, Volleyball etc.

How can I subscribe newsletter?

Email subscription is the best way to get the latest updates about GCQ events and activities throughout the year. You can subscribe any time of the year and it is absolutely FREE. Please visit to subscribe newsletter.

How do I become a member?

GCQ offers a membership to the community with various benefits. Please visit to become a member.

Is there a fee or charge for the membership?

All GCQ events are generally open for all. Members are getting specific benefits and support from GCQ. It is advisable to be a member to avail yourself of members’ benefits. Please visit for more details.

What are the benefits of the GCQ membership?

Support and Participation in GCQ activity management.
Receive Emails/newsletter updates throughout the year.
Discounted or Free entry fee for specific events, Sessions, Gatherings*
Discounted Gujarati Language learning program*
Free access to Gujarati Library.
Participation in GCQ sports activities.
Volunteer opportunity to become an event coordinator and serve the community.
Attend or be nominated for Multicultural and Governments events/sessions.*
The FEELING of Giving back to the Community.

How do I join as a volunteer?

To become a Volunteer please visit:

Is it compulsory to join GCQ to participate in events or activities?

All GCQ events are generally open for all. Members are getting specific benefits and support from GCQ. It is advisable to be a member to avail yourself of members’ benefits. It is not compulsory to join GCQ to participate.

What is the location of the Sports Club? Is it free?

Registered GCQ members can access sports activities (Volleyball, Badminton) as per spots availability. Sports activities are operating on a cost-sharing basis. For locations and more details please visit:

How do I enrol my children in Gujarati School? What is the fee?

Gujarati Community of Queensland (GCQ) Inc operated Brisbane Gujarati School is the first Gujarati community language school established in Queensland, Australia. This school is operating under one of the principle-programs of Gujarati Community Queensland Inc
Gujarati School operates on Saturdays except for school and public holidays.
Please visit the school website:

What is death and dying in Australia for Indian nationals?

Please read this document for information.