Gujarati Community of Queensland Inc (GCQ) is a non-profit organization based in Queensland, Australia. GCQ is operated and managed by its dedicated Members and Volunteers. GCQ offers membership to the community as per the below options. Become a Member of GCQ for the year 2020-21.

Membership Expiry Date: 31/12/2021

Register >> Family Membership (AUD 10)

Suitable for 2 adults including children below 18 years of age.

Register >> Single Membership (AUD 5)

Suitable for an adult.

Benifits of Membership.

  • Support and Participate in GCQ activity management.
  • Receive Emails/newsletter updates throughout the year.
  • Discounted or Free entry fee for specific events, Sessions, Gatherings*
  • Discounted Gujarati Language learning program*
  • Free access to Gujarati Library.
  • Participate in GCQ sports activities.
  • Volunteer opportunity to become an event coordinator and serve the community.
  • Attend or be nominated for Multicultural and Governments events/sessions.*
  • The FEELING of Giving back to the Community.

*Please refer to GCQ Constitution for more details

  • We encourage all members to contribute by joining the Volunteer Team, Committee, and participating in the numerous activities that are held throughout the year.
  • We aim to provide opportunities to all members regardless of age, gender, and area of origin, to promote both traditional and modern aspects of Gujarati culture.
  • Our activities are open to both members and non-members.

We do various community activities throughout the year. We have recently completed the COVID-19 student support program. We appreciate your donation in any form. Thank you.